Periodontal Care and Implants
Dr. Ranjitha Krishna and Dr. Dante Tomaselli


As a veteran, I previously trusted my oral health to the VA. This was an error on my part! As I visited this office, Dr. Krishna and the ENTIRE staff made me feel at ease, removed my anxiety and treated me with the utmost care, concern and professionalism! I was embarrassed at the state of my gums, etc., and from the treatment plan I received I say this is the BEST oral and dental professionals in all Metro Atlanta/Cobb County! Erin and Robin - who were assigned to assist Dr. Krishna, delivered the best possible treatment to get me back to great (not just good or average) dental health. Dr. Krishna and her ENTIRE staff were my ANGELS - plain and simple! In conclusion, we say in the U.S. Navy for a job well done, BRAVO ZULU! Dr. Krishna, Dr. Tomaselli and the ENTIRE staff deserve a MAJOR BRAVO ZULU to work performed for me, a veteran and new patient. Faith speaking, I received the epitome of LOVE+JUSTICE for the services done to me! I will tell EVERYONE I know to come here....PERIOD!!!

Marcus Payne

I hate having periodontal disease, but if I have to have it, at least there is Dr. Krishna (and Drs. Tomaselli & Silver - now retired). I have been a patient since 2007, and they have always treated me gently.

Robert Crompton

I found the office with no problem and upon arrival, several Covid-19 safety precautions were taken right away. Dr. Krishna was patient, thorough and reassuring during both my consultation and surgery. She made sure all of my questions were addressed and performed my procedure with great compassion, recognizing that I was overly anxious about it. Dr. Krishna also has a great sense of humor. Following the procedure, we were able to laugh about how incredibly anxious I was — really for nothing. My procedure was over sooner than I anticipated and it was relatively painless. Dr. Krishna was wonderful. Judy was amazing. In fact, the entire office staff has been extremely courteous and helpful. You won’t find a more profesional and friendly periodontal group in all of metro Atlanta!

Amina Adams

My experience has always been nothing short of excellent. From checking in to departure, staff is very friendly and helpful, service is far more relaxing and WITHOUT PAIN.....Most people avoid or dread going to have dental care due to past painful experience, not the case with my experience with this practice EVER!!!!

Wyl Ward

Dr. Krishna is an incredible person and periodontist! She is kind, patient, honest, knowledgeable, and extremely talented. Her professionalism is unmatched, and I would highly recommend her for all of your periodontal needs!

Alana Lotz

Just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had this morning with my gum procedure. Everyone was extremely understanding about my previous anxiety situation. The whole process went so easily and the interaction with the Dr. and staff made me feel very comfortable.

Jerry K.
Marietta, GA

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