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Maintenance Cleanings for Expert Gum Disease Management in Marietta

close up of smiling womanWhile gum disease is common, many individuals may not seek treatment until the condition becomes more severe. This oral infection can put your gums, teeth, and overall health at risk, making the need for professional care essential. At Periodontal Care and Implants, we provide maintenance cleanings and other targeted treatments to address all levels of gum disease.

Our Marietta practice is home to Dr. Ranjitha Krishna, a board-certified periodontist and our general dentist, Dr. Dante Tomaselli, who specializes in periodontics and dental implants. This means that we have the experience, skill, and credentials to treat even the most advanced gum disease cases.

We offer a full suite of services, including everything from gum tissue evaluations, laser tooth scaling and root planing, bone grafts, gum grafts, and maintenance cleanings. Our specialists can provide truly comprehensive care for addressing gum disease and restoring your smile to a healthy state. Periodontal Care and Implants proudly serves Marietta and the surrounding communities. Contact us to begin your gum disease treatment today!


What Are Maintenance Cleanings Exactly?

male patient getting a dental cleaningMaintenance cleanings are an on-going gum disease treatment that involves removing the harmful irritants that cause infection. These include dental plaque, bacteria, and tartar. We use special tools to remove these toxins above and below the gumline.

Why Are Maintenance Cleanings Important?

In its more advanced stages, gum disease is not reversible. However, it can be controlled, and its harmful side effects stopped with maintenance cleanings. Think of maintenance cleanings as the last line of defense to prevent re-infection and maintain gum and bone health. This treatment is vital for cleaning teeth and gums thoroughly while also working to eliminate further problems such as gum recession and tooth loss.

Ending future gum infection is not only beneficial for your smile; it is essential for your overall wellness. Maintenance cleanings help reduce the inflammatory response in your gums and other inflammatory conditions made worse by advanced gum disease. These include heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and pregnancy complications.

How Are They Different Than Regular Dental Cleanings?

woman checking out her smile with mirrorRoutine dental cleanings, also known as prophylaxis, are part of your bi-annual checkup and are performed for regular preventive care. They are a standard treatment for cleaning and removing soft plaque and tarter when your smile has no signs of gum disease. There should be no red, swollen, or bleeding gums and if there is, then periodontal maintenance is necessary.

If you have more advanced gum disease resulting in gum pockets deeper than four millimeters, exposed tooth roots, or bleeding gums, maintenance cleanings similar to scaling and root planing are essential. Our specialists focus on eliminating bacteria, plaque, and tartar deposits built up on tooth surfaces and between teeth and gums. Often, these irritants are stubborn, require close attention and special removal.

What Else Can Gum Disease Maintenance Involve?

Gum disease maintenance appointments do not merely involve scheduled cleanings. They include a series of steps, all working together to keep you and your smile safe. Dr. Krishna and Dr. Tomaselli will work with you to see that you are comfortable and well-informed at every step.

Your maintenance cleanings and appointment can include:

  • Taking digital x-rays of your smile
  • Examining your gums, teeth & jawbone
  • Measuring gum pocket depth
  • Discussing any changes to your oral health
  • Tooth scaling & root planing
  • Applying or prescribing antibiotics & other medications
  • Assessing your oral hygiene habits & providing guidance when needed

Bone & Gum Grafts for Rebuilding Your Smile

Our periodontist may recommend surgical procedures when advanced gum disease has weakened or destroyed supporting bone and gum tissue. These procedures are designed to help reverse some of the damage by regenerating gum tissue and bone loss.

Bone Grafts: A bone graft involves adding new bone material into your jaw to restore its health and mass. We can use bone from another area of your body or from an artificial source.

Gum Grafts: During a gum graft, our specialists will use tissue from the roof of your mouth. We add this to your gums to restore their health, mass, and shape.

Maintenance Cleanings FAQS

When it comes to gum disease and treatment, you might have a lot of questions. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions our specialists get asked by our patients.

How Often Do I Need Maintenance Cleanings?

We recommend maintenance cleanings every three months if your prior gum disease was advanced. This schedule allows our experts to preserve your gum and dental health as effectively as possible. Visiting four times a year also allows us to monitor your oral health more frequently. When you have a history of gum disease, proactive care is essential to prevent possible re-infection.

After maintenance, some gum sensitivity and soreness are common. Dr. Krishna will provide you with after-care instructions for successful pain management and healing. By following these instructions, any discomfort should subside quickly.

If your gum disease is more advanced, scheduled maintenance may be necessary for life, although you may not need them as frequently. This is because severe forms of gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is irreversible. Our dentist and periodontist can treat the infection, manage your condition, and provide solutions to promote better bone and gum health.

Maintenance Cleanings for Better Gums & Health in Marietta

At Periodontal Care and Implants, our top priority is to protect your oral and overall health. Dr. Ranjitha Krishna and Dr. Dante Tomaselli are experts in periodontics and gum disease maintenance cleanings. Our entire team is dedicated to tracking your progress and providing the solutions you need to achieve a healthier smile.

We proudly serve individuals experiencing gum disease throughout Marietta and its surrounding communities. Contact our specialists to schedule a consultation today!



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