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Sedation Dentistry for Exceptional Patient Comfort in Marietta

smiling asian woman in dental officeIf the thought of dental visits stresses you out, you are not alone. For many, visiting a dentist is considered a frightening event, even though the latest dental techniques provide greater comfort than ever. Fortunately, you can receive dental care using sedation dentistry administered by our knowledgeable specialists.

Our talented periodontist, Dr. Ranjitha Krishna and general dentist, Dr. Dante Tomaselli, offer advanced sedation techniques in Marietta for dental phobia, anxiety, or those who feel a bit uneasy about oral health procedures in general. We recognize that you deserve to experience treatment that keeps your complete comfort in mind. That’s why we provide you with sedation options tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today and schedule your consultation.


Which Treatments May Require Sedation?

We can deliver comprehensive treatments in a single day by using sedation. Helping you relax is extremely useful, especially when fixing complex issues like a severely damaged or broken tooth.

Some of the treatments we can perform while you remain comfortable using sedation include:

Sedation Methods to Improve Your Comfort

Depending on the required dental procedure and your anxiety level, our dentists will consult with you beforehand to determine the best sedation method for you. We offer the following types of sedation:

oral conscious sedation

Oral Conscious Sedation

This is a sedative pill that you take before your procedure. It keeps you conscious and relaxed. While you might be aware of your surrounding, you often have no memory of the treatment afterward. Once you take this pill, you shouldn’t drive. You will need to bring a friend or family member to drive you to and from our office.

nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous Oxide

Known as laughing gas, this sedative is light. It helps you relax and keeps you alert and able to communicate. In addition to feeling comfortable throughout your treatment, you can drive and return to your routine as soon as your dental visit is complete.

Which Dental Sedation Option is Right for Me?

While dental sedation may be an effective option for performing treatments with ease, it might not be suitable for every case. If you have conditions like hypertension, heart disease, respiratory disease, or diabetes, you need to inform our team. Knowing your current health and history allows us to use a suitable sedation option and administer sedation safely.

Cases that may warrant sedation can include:

  • Traumatic past dental experiences
  • High levels of stress & anxiety
  • Sensitive gag reflexes
  • Extreme fear of shots and needles
  • Aversion to the tastes, smells, and noises associated with dental care

How Sedation Dentistry Works

1. Your Initial Visit

No matter how anxious you feel during your first visit, our well-trained team will help you relax, feel comfortable, and answer any questions you might have. We are experienced, cheerful, and willing to help.

We will only do the steps you feel comfortable with, so this visit might only involve discussing your goals and fears. If you are okay with it, our team can take x-rays or have our periodontists examine your mouth gently.

In case where sedation is needed to make the diagnosis, we will schedule this accordingly. Rest assured, you will never be judged for your fears.

2. Preparing For Greater Comfort During Your Visit

Preparation will depend on the type of sedation we plan to use for you.

  • For laughing gas, it will be administered once you reach our office.
  • For oral sedation, we will give a pill to take the night before your appointment. This will help you sleep well at night and wake up relaxed and feeling peaceful about your visit.

3. Treatment Day

For oral sedation, you may need additional medications to help you be completely relaxed. We use monitoring equipment to track your vital signs throughout the procedure and make sure you are safe. Treatment will not start until you are calm and comfortably sedated. You will need to avoid eating or drinking four hours before sedation.

What to Expect Post Sedation Treatment

Once the procedure is done, you will receive post-treatment instructions, including the suggested healing period and any necessary medications. This is to help you remain calm after your care.

After the suggested resting period, your mouth will heal, and you will be able to continue your day-to-day activities normally. Most of the time, patients experience no side effects from the sedation techniques we use.

Receive the Anxiety-Free Dental Care You Deserve!

At Periodontal Care and Implants, our Marietta team uses a gentle chairside approach and are happy to provide you with safe and compassionate sedation dentistry. We invite you to visit us and experience the kind and relaxing atmosphere we create. Call today and schedule a consultation that will put you at ease!



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