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Excellent Periodontal Procedures in Marietta

smiling patient in dental officeAt Periodontal Care and Implants, our mission is to revive your smile by improving the health of your gum tissue and jawbone. The exceptional teamwork between Dr. Dante Tomaselli and our periodontist, Dr. Ranjitha Krishna, allows our practice to deliver superior quality periodontal care.

Whether you need routine periodontal care or more advanced gum disease treatment, our team has the qualifications to fulfill your needs. We offer surgical and non-surgical periodontal procedures and use the latest dental technologies to restore function and aesthetics to your smile.

We proudly serve our community throughout Marietta and all the surrounding neighborhoods. Call us today to schedule your appointment.


Exceptional Gum Disease Treatment

The early symptoms of gum disease are usually subtle and can easily be overlooked. During these early stages, gum disease is reversible. That's why it is critical to pay close attention to the early warning signs. These early symptoms include red or swollen gums, bleeding when brushing or flossing, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

During your consultation, we will check for signs of gum disease and make sure to provide you with the personalized services you deserve. Our quality gum treatments include:

Deep Cleaning for Early Stages of Gum Disease - We treat the early stages of gum disease using periodontal scaling and root planing. First, we perform scaling using specialized tools to remove tartar and plaque traces from the tooth roots. Our periodontist will also use an antibacterial rinse to eliminate any bacteria. Then, we perform the planing procedure, which involves smoothing out the root surface to eliminate harmful bacteria and help your gums reattach, securing the tooth in place.

Pocket Reduction Surgery - If gum disease advances into what is known as periodontitis, surgical treatments may be necessary. During this procedure, our periodontist makes tiny incisions in the gum to lift back a section of gum tissue and expose the roots for effective cleaning of gum pockets. The underlying bones may also need recontouring before the gum tissue is fixed back in place. After you heal, it's easier to clean these areas and maintain healthy gum tissue.

Laser-Assisted Periodontal Therapy - This is the latest advancement in gum infection removal, where a specific wavelength is used to target and destroy diseased tissue and bacteria from periodontal pockets. We use the laser to treat moderate to severe gum disease cases. This modern technology is minimally invasive and very precise, allowing us to remove only the diseased tissue without hurting the surrounding tissue. It also promotes a faster healing time.

Gum Grafts to Treat Recession - More advanced cases of gum disease may result in receding gum lines, a condition that causes tooth roots exposure, jawbone shrinkage, and may even lead to tooth loss. To treat this issue, we perform gum grafting, where a small piece of tissue is removed from the roof of the mouth and connected to the target area. This method helps to make your gums fuller by adding extra tissue.

Gum Surgeries for Optimal Smile Aesthetics & Function

Your gums play an essential role in both the function and aesthetics of your smile. Gums are the foundation that holds your teeth together; they also show when you smile. At our practice, we provide you with quality periodontal services to maintain, treat, and restore the beauty of your gums.

What is a Gummy Smile?

close up of smile with healthy gumsIf your smile shows more of your gum line than you'd like, you may have a gummy smile, also known as excessive gingival display. Fortunately, we can improve the aesthetics of your smile by performing a type of crown lengthening called gingivectomy or gum contouring.

What Does Gum Contouring Involve?

During a gingivectomy, Dr. Krishna will start with numbing the target area. We will then reshape your gums to reveal more of your teeth's surfaces, which reduces the amount of visible gum tissue in your smile.

We Perform Laser Frenectomies

A lingual frenum is tissue at the bottom of your tongue, connecting it to your mouth. Some people are born with short a lingual frenum, also known as a tongue-tie. This short frenum restricts the tongue's movement. We perform a quick procedure called a lingual frenectomy using lasers to give the tongue a greater motion range.

Pretreatments to Ensure a Successful Dental Implant Procedure

If you qualify for a dental implant, our team will start by checking your gums, jawbone strength, and oral health. If necessary, we will provide you with any required pretreatments to ensure your implant procedure succeeds.

Our treatments include:

  • Bone Grafting – If your jaw doesn't have sufficient strength to support dental implants, you will need to undergo bone grafting. In this procedure, we add new material to the jawbone to strengthen it. The material used can either be your own transplanted bone or synthetic material designed for grafting.
  • Sinus lift – Having missing teeth in your upper jaw for an extended period might cause the bone below the sinuses to deteriorate. To resolve this issue and give you back your youthful appearance, we can perform a sinus lift. This treatment involves adding bone below the sinuses to strengthen it.

Crafting Shining Smiles in Marietta

At Periodontal Care and Implants, Dr. Dante Tomaselli and Dr. Ranjitha Krishna enjoy helping our community in Marietta and all surrounding neighborhoods. Our friendly team is ready to help you smile with ease. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.



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